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Chiropractic for Scoliosis Treatment: Things to Know

Written By Salud Chiropractic on June 11, 2018

It is estimated that between 6 to 9 million Americans live with scoliosis. This condition, which commonly affects people without any known cause, can become debilitating without proper scoliosis treatment.

Chiropractic care is one of the BEST ways to treat scoliosis because regular adjustments reduce pressure on the nerves, which, in turn, improves posture and the angle of curvature so that your body can function. This is a gentle approach with out the use of medications or surgery. Depending on the type of scoliosis found in children, studies have shown that the degree of scoliosis can be significantly decreased.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition of a sideways curve in the spine or the backbone, typically in a “C” or “S” shape. Anyone can develop scoliosis, even starting at birth, though it is common for the causes to remain unidentifiable, or idiopathic.

Scoliosis is typically diagnosed after a physical exam. For adolescents, early identification can prompt earlier treatment options while their spine is still developing.

Some features of scoliosis your doctor may identify are:

  • Uneven shoulders or protruding shoulder blade
  • Rib or lower back hump when bending forward
  • One hip higher than the other
  • Uneven waist
  • Whole body leans to one side
  • Severe cases can cause spinal cord pressure (  

Certain health issues can arise depending on which nerves have pressure. (Gray’s anatomy: The purpose of the brain and nervous system is to control and to coordinate the function of every muscle, cell, organ and tissue in the body.) This means that if there is pressure on a nerve that is connected to an organ, let’s say the lungs, then the lungs can have a difficult time functioning. Some symptoms might include difficulty breathing, asthma.

You may not feel pain resulting from scoliosis immediately. However, letting it persist over time without proper scoliosis treatment can cause suffering and developmental problems for the curvature of the spine in the future.

Some of these problems include:

  • Hip pain and degeneration
  • Increased stress on spinal discs, nerves and muscles leading to back pain
  • Trouble balancing due to compressed nerves in the legs and buttocks
  • Physical deformities

Scoliosis Treatment in Rohnert Park

Chiropractors treat the alignment of the body, which is the exact thing scoliosis affects. 

When it comes to easing the pain from scoliosis without surgery or medication, Salud Chiropractic provides safe and non-invasive procedures.

One of the best ways to treat scoliosis pain is to have regular adjustments. 

Spinal adjustments refer to the process of applying controlled force onto the vertebrae of the spine. This repositions and corrects those vertebrae while reducing pain, inflammation and muscle tension. 

Scoliosis is best treated when found early. 

Natural treatment provided by chiropractors can lower levels of discomfort and disability before they affect your lifestyle. 

You can conveniently schedule an appointment for scoliosis treatment in Rohnert Park to prevent and treat pain caused by scoliosis.

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