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Functional Medicine in Rohnert Park

Functional MedicineThe goal of functional medicine also known as Alternative Medicine or Holistic Medicine is to determine why illness occurs and to treat it at its source.

Modern medicine is ideal if you have a broken leg or need surgery. When it comes to treating illness, though, it leaves a lot to be desired.

The main reason for this is that so many clinicians treat an illness's symptoms, not the actual root cause of the illness. In many cases, they take a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine.

But you're unique. Your body doesn't necessarily respond to illness or medications the same way someone else's does – even if you're closely related to them.

Functional medicine takes an individual approach to medicine.

How Holistic Medicine in Rohnert Park Works

Clinicians who practice functional medicine experience higher job satisfaction because they know they're truly helping their patients. They're not just providing a band-aid – they're providing treatment that can have a significant impact on their patients' health.

To properly treat patients, a functional medicine practitioner starts with diagnostic testing.

Diagnostic Testing

Blood and allergy testing, as well as x-rays and scans, are some of the tests that will help your Rohnert Park chiropractor come up with a proper diagnosis.

Based on those tests, they can determine if you have:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Allergies to certain foods or substances
  • Nutritional deficiencies, including iron, calcium, vitamin D, and a plethora of other vitamins and minerals
  • High cortisol levels (the stress hormone that can cause chronic inflammation)
  • High levels of inflammation
  • Spinal misalignment issues
  • Disc or vertebrae degeneration

Nutritional Changes

Many people have food allergies or sensitivities that they aren't aware of, so they keep eating those foods and having adverse, though low-grade, reactions.

Food sensitivities can lower your immune response, reduce energy levels, and even disrupt your mood.

Your Rohnert Park chiropractor can recommend a variety of nutritional changes that will help:

  • Reduce allergic response
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Balance hormones
  • Restore nutrients to proper levels

Lifestyle Changes

Another important part of functional medicine is making changes to your lifestyle. These can include:

  • Quitting smoking or other tobacco use
  • Establishing a regular exercise program
  • Improving sleep habits
  • Finding ways to lower stress
  • Detoxify the body

Taking this holistic approach to your health can improve multiple areas of your life and leave you feeling full of energy and healthier than ever.

Choose a Chiropractor Who Loves to Learn

Scientific research is always revealing new things to us. From technology to treat health conditions to discovering the causes of health issues we never knew existed. What was known decades ago isn't sufficient. It's imperative to your health that your healthcare provider is dedicated to continued education. The more they learn, the more they'll be able to help you.

Dr. Angelica Farrell is committed to helping her community by continuing her education. Because of that, she's completed several post-graduate studies, including one in allergy treatment.

Dr. Farrell will continue to do whatever it takes to provide you with the best care possible.

Interested in learning more about functional medicine? Contact us at 707-206-9717 to schedule an appointment.