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Read what patients are saying about Salud Chiropractic in Rohnert Park!

Treatments balance and help systems function properly

Visiting Salud Chiropractic is a huge blessing. The office staff are the most professional and genuinely caring I've ever encountered at a health care provider. Treatments from Dr. Farrell balance my complicated little body and help my systems function properly. I have multiple diagnosis and Salud Chiropractic is one of the most important support factors in my life. Without going into details, the quality of living is better and basic things like going to the bathroom, breathing and thinking become easy and effortless when I'm under Dr. Farrell's care.

Dr. Angelica Farrell is the "Spine Angel" of my family and we are lifetime patients! Did I mention we live in another state and fly in to make appointments with her?'s that important, and it's that effective. Thank you for the service and compassion Salud! Thank you for the opportunity to write a recommendation. - Amber Burt

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Friendly and Knowledgeable

I love coming here because of the attention to detail and the amiability of the doctors and staff. I had never been to a chiropractor and had many doubts and questions. They did an excellent job in explaining the severity of my condition and reassured me that I would get the results I needed. I'm happier, less stressed, I sleep better, have more energy and over all healthier. - Oscar C.

Holistic approach requires no pain pills!

My chronic neck pain limited my driving and bothered me at night. I tried neck exercises, pain killers, physical therapy, and other chiropractors in the past. After 3 to 4 weeks of adjustments with Dr. Farrell, I haven't taken pain pills!

Numbness in Fingers

I met Dr. Farrell walking through the mall I has some time to kill and they were offering free spinal exams. I have never seen a chiropractor (I was in top physical health, right?) So I thought I would come into the office. seeing my x-rays, the pictures proved something was really wrong. I was not sleeping through the night and after just two months I am able to sleep through the night. The numbness in my shoulder and my fingers is completely gone! - Rich

Upper back, neck, and elbow pain relief

Chiropractic has allowed me to do what I love the most: landscaping! I first came to Dr. Farrell over six years ago with neck, upper back, and elbow pain from landscape work. My x-rays showed that I had inadequate curvature in my neck and also arthritis. She helped me through repetitive pain and discomfort. Dr. Farrell has taught me about compassion, care, and how to take better care of myself in so many ways. - Julie P.

Pro BMX Rider 2004

Thank you Dr. Farrell for making my dreams possible. If it weren't for your adjustments I wouldn't be able to ride much longer! - Sincerely, Kari Olandese

Working Safe

I had repeatedly had trouble with back sprains. Salud Chiropractic was very good about educating me as to the possible reasons why, and prevention methods I could take to keep myself healthy. I’ve improved and can prevent a repeated possibility of injury. The education and improvement have been great. Thank you, the exercises are necessary. They can be demanding, but combined with staying hydrated, proper diet, and good lifting, I’m working more safely. - Valenti Aggio

Thankful Referral

Before coming into Salud Chiropractic, I was in very bad condition. Work was hard, I could barely walk and my body couldn’t stay up for long periods of time. I hadn’t really done anything or seen anyone for it though. My uncle, who had seen Dr.Farrell referred me in. I’m so thankful for that because Dr.Farrell has fixed my leg and low back pain. I have and continue to improve drastically. I am now able to work better and walk longer distances with little or no pain. I recommend that everyone gives chiropractic an opportunity, you may not think it can help, but it can! - Teresa Marquez

Compressed Vertebrae Success with Chiropractic

After compressing two vertebrae I didn't think I would be able to ride at full speed my snowboard nor travel, again due to the pain in my back, but after weekly adjustments, I am able to do both! - Greg Vermeulen

Chriopractic has long-lasting pain free results

After my accident, I tried everything! My lower back was injured and I was irritable. I had no patience for anything or anyone. I couldn't walk my dog. With chiropractic, I have seen the effects are real and long-lasting. No one likes pain and there is truly a way to get rid of it without drugs, or alcohol. - Steve Post

Encouraging outcome with Chiropractic

I have some real encouragement today. We went to the park today and I walked a little bit and sat a little bit and walked a little bit and had very little discomfort and the limp wasn't as predominant either. This was the first time 2 months without excruciating pain! - Cindy Thompson