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How Cold Laser Therapy Helps With Pain and Inflammation

Written By Salud Chiropractic on September 16, 2021

Cold Laser TherapyAlso known as low-level laser therapy, cold laser therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free and effective solution to pain. Our expert team of doctors at Salud Chiropractic in Rohnert Park, led by Dr. Angelica Farrell, has successfully reduced many patients’ pain, swelling, and inflammation using cold lasers. 

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

Cold laser therapy works at the cellular level, stimulating the energy factories of your cells, called mitochondria, to boost energy production. Inflammation can hamper mitochondrial function, making them produce less energy. Cold lasers emit photons your mitochondrion gobble up and utilize to get active and produce ATP. Boosted ATP levels help further reduce inflammation.

That extra ATP also improves circulation, boosts cell metabolism (which improves a variety of functions), and revitalizes nerve function in injury sites. All three contribute to speeding up the healing process, which was cold laser’s primary function in this technology’s formative days. The laser also promotes the production of new cells, including what are called fibroblasts, a cell used to rebuild tissue.

Inflammation reduction and aiding the healing process both help with pain relief, making cold laser therapy a thorough, effective way to get out of pain and back in action.

Your doctor will place a handheld laser over the target area for anywhere from 30 seconds to multiple minutes, and it’s completely painless. The laser dose and session time depend on your symptoms and specific injury. You and your clinician will work together to develop a personalized treatment program.

Most of our patients notice significant pain reduction after about a week or two of consistent treatment. Some patients may only need a handful of sessions over the course of a week while others may require several weeks of treatment. We strive to improve patient wellbeing by targeting the source of your pain.

Get Cold Laser Therapy in Rohnert Park

Dr. Farrell is passionate and caring in everything that she does. Between her love of chiropractic and her love of serving humanity, Dr. Farrell is active in promoting health and happiness. However, Dr. Farrell will gladly share with everyone that the true joy of her practice is the large base of families that come for wellness care.

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