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Category: Improving Immune System

Keep Your Kids Healthy With a Strong Immune System

Written By Salud Chiropractic on January 18, 2022

Most of us encourage our children to lead an active lifestyle – play outside, interact with friends, and explore their surroundings. Although these are crucial activities in the development of a child’s physical and social wellbeing, they also expose them... Read More

Building a Strong Immune System

Written By Salud Chiropractic on November 18, 2021

Your immune system works hard in the background to keep you safe and healthy. Especially as we head into the flu season and tackle widespread and highly contagious conditions like the coronavirus, your immune system is integral to your overall... Read More

Flu Season Is Upon Us: How to Boost Your Immune System

Written By Salud Chiropractic on November 9, 2020

Flu season is just around the corner.  Every year, people want to know what they can do to boost their immune system to lower their risk of infection. Thankfully, your Rohnert Park chiropractor has some tips that can build your immune health... Read More

How Healthy Choices Improve Your Immune System and Wellness

Written By Salud Chiropractic on August 7, 2020

If you’re looking to improve your overall wellness, boosting your immune system is an important step. However, with the addition of superfoods, fad diets, and other misconceptions, it can be confusing to get a straight answer.  While there’s no cure-all to... Read More

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